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Introducing The All New EVgo App

Dec 21, 2021

EVgo is the fast, reliable, easy way to charge your EV on-the-go. Find EV charging stations, make reservations, choose how to pay, and start charging. With 310,000 customer accounts and growing, join the EVgo network today.

Download on the Apple Store:

Download on Google Play:

*FIND A FAST CHARGER* View the map to find an EV charger near you, then check real-time availability, get turn-by-turn directions, and start charging.

*FAST CHARGING IN THREE EASY STEPS* Plug in. Tap to start. Charge up and go. Download the EVgo app today to charge your EV and go further, faster.

● Easy login — Log in with phone & text message or email & password

● View site details — Find parking information, pricing, site photos

● Advanced search — Search by site host name, points of interest, location

*PERSONALIZE YOUR EV CHARGING* Filter EV Charging Map: Filter by connector, charger power, and reservable chargers Connect Your Vehicle: Scan your VIN to show only EV charging stations compatible with your EV’s connectors plugs Customize Your Profile: Choose notifications, view your charging stats, and make in-app changes to your account

*VIEW CHARGING DASHBOARD* Monitor your charging sessions and find important session details like charge time, state of charge and more.

*EARN EVgo REWARDS™* Earn points by charging your EV and redeem them for free charging sessions

*RESERVE YOUR EV CHARGER* Locate available chargers, view upcoming reservations, and reserve a charger any time. Reserve Now™ is available in select locations across the US.

*ENJOY EVgo ADVANTAGE™* Shop while you charge. Access in-app coupons and receive store discounts from participating businesses near your favorite EV charging stations.

*GAIN EVgo ACCESS™* Access fast chargers located within gated facilities using a QR code and get free entry for the duration of your EV charging session

*INTEGRATED HELP CENTER* Find answers to your questions, get troubleshooting assistance, watch videos and guides, and access online support from the EVgo Charging Crew. *DESIGNED FOR EVERY EV DRIVER* EVgo charging stations are compatible with all EV connectors (CHAdeMo, CCS, and Integrated Tesla Connectors at select locations) and all battery electric vehicles (BEVs) including:

● BMW i3 charging

● Nissan LEAF charging

● Chevy Bolt charging

● Tesla Model S charging

● Tesla Model 3 charging

● Hyundai Ioniq charging

● Audi e-tron charging

*FAST CHARGING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS* Download the EVgo app today to charge faster and drive further for less than ever before.